Dry Mix


Ross Island Dry Mix Products Facility
2611 SE 4th Portland, OR  97202-1001

Established in 1947, Dry Mix manufactures bagged concrete products, grouts, cement, fly ash, silica fume, slag cement and aggregates. Various bag sizes are available including super sacks up to 3,700 lbs. Dry Mix also bags specialty items as a toll bagger and welcomes the opportunity to quote your project needs.


Michael Schwenk – (503) 239-5504


Premix Dry Concrete Mix – “Just add water” 60 lbs and 80 lbs.

Ashgrove Cement Group Type I-II Cement 94 lbs / 42.6 kg

 Safety Sand “Sand-In-A-Tube” 1/2 cu. ft.

TradeCraft Pre-Mixed Sanded Mortar Type N (Meets ASTM C-270) 80 lbs / 36 kg

Premix Dry Sand – Uses, Dry Construction Sand is used for: Gardening – Base for Brick Patios and Walksways; Masonry Work, Sand Blasting, Icy Walks and Driveways, Keep a Bag Handy in your car or truck.

TradeCraft High Strength Pre-Mixed Sanded Mortar Type S (Meets ASTM C-270) 80 lbs / 36.3 kg

Sand Mix – “Topping Concrete Floors, Repairing Walls and Floors, Grouting, Fill Cracks”

CAUTION: May cause eye skin or lung injury. Read the safety information on the back of the bag. 60 lbs

 All-Purpose Sand – “Suggested uses; Clean, graded sand with multiple uses; Brick paver underlayment; ideal for traction on snow and ice; Mix with Portland Cement to Make Concrete.

CAUTION: May cause lung injury. Read the safety information on the back of the bag. 50 lbs / 22.7 kg

TradeCraft pre-mixed Crack resistant 5000 “High Strength Concrete mix” – 5000 psi, fibers and admixtures added to help reduce shrinkage, cracking and increase workability! Spanish: 5000 psi con fibras y aditivos para ayudar a reducir la contraccion, las rajaduras y facilitar su trabajado! (Meets ASTM 387) 80lbs / 36 kg
Portland Cement Type 1-2 47 lbs / 21.3 kg


60# Concrete Mix Blend of portland cement, sand and gravelShould be used in areas of 2” thick or greater Patios, Driveways, Foundations, Steps, PoolsDeck Support, Footings etc.
80# Concrete Mix

80# Crack Resistant Concrete Mix High strength mix formulated for precast work and exterior areas exposed to freeze-thaw climates and marine environments Same uses as above

50# Fast Set Concrete Mix Prepared masonry cement and fine sand Same uses as above

60# Mortar Mix Prepared masonry cement and fine sand Installation and repair of fireplaces, chimneys stone steps, concrete block, loose bricks

80# Type S Mortar Mix Structural Grade pre-mixed mortar which meets ASTM C270 Table 2. Type S Mortar requirements – It sticks to a trowel with excellent board life To lay brick, block, stone, tuck point, patch stucco

60# Sand Mix Blend of portland cement and fine sand Repairs from 1/2” to 2” thick, for smooth surface repair, stuccoing, laying flagstone, paving bricks, grout tile

50# All Purpose Sand Clean, coarse graded can be mixed with I-II cement and gravel to make concrete. Underlayment for brick pavers Garden soil addition, non-skid construction use, Icy walks, concrete

80# Construction Sand Clean, finer graded can be used for masonry and concrete mixes Garden soil additions, non-skid construction uses, Icy walks, concrete and masonry mixes

60# 3/8 Gravel Clean 3/8” sized gravel Decorative landscaping, drain fields, dry wells, dog runs, concrete mixes

94# Type I-II Cement Portland cement is the powdered binder for mortars and concrete mixes. Hardens when made wet. Meets ASTM C150 Type I-II specifications Make concrete and mortar mixes in combinations with sand and gravel

50# Non-Shrink Grout Blend of non-ferrous admixtures, sand and portland cement to make a high strength, expansive flowable or dry packed grout. Meets ASTM C1107 Set machinery bases, bearing plates, anchor bolts etc. where shrinkage of typical concrete is unacceptable